Value Proposition

I. Increase your profitability by automating deployment processes.

Deployment Solutions provides companies with a toolset to define, deploy, and manage deployment processes that can increase the competitiveness and profitability of the organization. Our solution reduces organizational costs by allowing existing IT professionals to quickly learn and use powerful tools for integrating applications and data across the enterprise. It is a solution for quickly and cost effectively integrating enterprise applications. Using a common set of reusable integration services not only reduces the initial cost and time of application and workstation integration, but simplifies and reduces the subsequent maintenance cost of the integration solution as well.

II. Increase your speed to deployment and time to value.

Historically, IT projects have been incredibly time consuming, requiring months or years to plan and deliver. DSI provides a powerful and productive solution that allows both internal and external implementations to be performed in a fraction of that time and far faster than available alternatives. DSI’s solution dramatically improves time to value through lower cost configurations and integrations, shorter deployment cycles, lower costs field delivery skill requirements. Deployment Solutions is revolutionizing technology deployments by making complex projects affordable.

III. React quickly to changing business conditions by using flexible project
delivery methodologies.

Deployment Solutions’ flexible project delivery methodologies enables organizations to react much faster to market shifts that demand application or process changes. DSI’s proven processes for defining, deploying and managing internal and external business processes can allow organizations to react far more quickly to changing market conditions, government regulations, customer desires and competitors’ behaviors. Our solution allows customized, deployment processes to be defined, deployed and managed, permitting organizations to implement the optimal process for decreasing costs while increasing competitiveness.

IV. Reduce your business risks.

Deployment Solutions’ comprehensive and integrated processes provide enterprise-class scalability and reliability. The ability to obtain a complete solution that leverages existing process methodologies reduces the cost and time of project delivery while directly reducing risk. By integrating business methodologies, employees and partners into automated business processes, organizations can significantly reduce project cycle time, which reduces operational waste such as inventory carrying costs.

V. Maximize your return on Business Processes.

Through the ability to more quickly offer new services and programs to customers as well as react to competitive offerings, DSI allows organizations to increase competitiveness in a more demanding customer environment. DSI’s solutions allow organizations to automate the many time consuming and error prone manual processes inherent in today’s typical project delivery offerings, resulting in significant reductions in administrative costs.