TRaDE Tools

Deployment Solutions, Inc. has developed TRaDE Tools as a suite of automation processes and tools designed to facilitate large-scale, rapid, and accurate deployment of technology. DSI has developed proprietary configuration software and software enabled processes to automatically load the Internetworking Operating System (IOS) and custom configuration settings onto several internetworking systems including, routers, switches, DSUs, etc. We also apply this approach to the operating system (OS), applications and customization for POS, servers, desktop and laptop computers. By automating the configuration process, DSI has virtually eliminated the defects of manual configurations. We work with our clients to electronically receive details of the software configuration including any associated data files. The system then automatically configures each device and runs a comprehensive list of test procedures. We can test slot assignments, component additions, memory upgrades, revision levels, device type, etc. In most cases, we can reduce the time it takes to configure and test a device by 30-70% while ensuring there are no defects in process.

At the end of a successful configuration, the tool prints customer-required documents. If anything goes wrong during the earlier steps this documentation is not printed. This prevents the accidental shipping of incorrectly configured devices. The real-time production of documentation, such as installation instructions, configuration detail, packing lists, asset tags, shipping documents and labels, insure that all the required documents accompany hardware to the installation location. We can interface with many Project Management Websites. Configuration status information can be produced and transmitted via hard copy, e-mail, or website.

Our TRaDE tools are current focused in two areas of technology. The internetworking technology automation solution is called ICON and the computing technology solution is called PC GenIE. The TRaDE tools are a combination of physical hardware and proven processes designed to remove time, task, and risk from field deployments. Instead of trying to implement and debug technology onsite, the TRaDE Tools create well-documented defect-free, pre-configured device kits – insuring predictable, efficient, trouble-free Plug-and-Play installations.


Internetworking Configuration is a software-enabled process that can accommodate the requirements of most major operating systems and platforms in the internetworking space. ICON allows for individual builds via a set of automated processes that encompass network requirements and site specifics related to our client’s individual internetworking environment. Our engineers can create ICON modules for almost any device that has a com port interface.


DSI has developed the PC GenIE solution to accommodate the staging and configuration of computing deployment solutions (CDS). PC GenIE allows for custom builds via an automated process that encompasses the unique settings related to today’s image management within a computing environment. This environment includes servers, desktop and laptop computers, etc. from a hardware, software and user setting perspective. With PC GenIE, DSI can: