Stage & Configure

Deployment Solutions, Inc. (DSI) has developed TRaDE Tools as a system of automation processes and tools designed to facilitate large-scale, rapid, and accurate deployment of technology.

Instead of trying to implement and debug technology on site, the TRaDE Tools create well-documented defect-free, pre-configured device kits – insuring predictable, efficient, trouble-free Plug-and-Play installations. DSI’s automation-based methodology of Preparation, Configuration, Integration, and Staging insures that correct, fully documented, and fully functional equipment shows up at the correct site, at the correct time, minimizing on-site problems, and maximizing installation crew productivity.
Preparation (Advance Engineering)

The Preparation stage is the KEY to successful, rapid deployment of technology. The ICON tool allows DSI’s technology deployments to be significantly “Advance Engineered”. The goal of “Advance Engineering” is to do as much work as possible before the technician arrives on site to perform the installation.
During the preparation stage, a Configuration Engineer creates a Configuration Package that defines an automated configuration, validation, and testing process. This Configuration Package defines what types of devices are to be configured, how they are to be configured, and what post-configuration documentation will be produced. Packages are tested using the customer’s sample-data and sample-devices before being installed on the appropriate ICON Bench.

During the Configuration stage, the physical devices are verified, upgraded, tested, configured, and documented. ICON is able to pre-configure and test a huge variety of “console driven” devices with extraordinary accuracy and consistency. Each ICON Tool Bench Operator can configure up to eight devices simultaneously, insuring speed and efficiency. ICON will not produce the device’s post-configuration documents and labels if there have been any errors in the process. This prevents an ICON operator from accidentally sending any incorrect equipment on to the next stage.


The Integration stage consists of combining and racking devices according to customer specifications insuring that the correct devices are tested, and shipped to the customer site as a single unit. Racked devices of any size, up to complete equipment bays, can be combined before shipment.
Staging.ICON generated labels and documentation insures that the correct devices and components are packaged together with the appropriate cables and
installation instructions into a single shipment. This insures that all necessary components arrive on site together – installers are not confused as they unpack the components.