Support Desk

Deployment Solutions’ Project Support Desk (PSD) is more than a central point through which problems or issues are reported and subsequently managed and coordinated. It is a group of resources designed to assist specifically with Project Management responsibilities and plays an integral part of our project delivery functions. Ultimately responsible for bringing resources together to address project challenges.

Deployment Solutions’ consolidation and centralization of PSD functions provides a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) support model. The SPOC model facilities the delivery of support in the following three essential ways that provide immediate project delivery improvement in employee/customer service and IT cost containment:

1. By applying best practices and staffing coverage models developed in high volume call center models, the SPOC model allows for leveraged phone coverage for responding to calls across the hours of the day and days of the week specific to each project. Thus, internal IT support desk functions are better position to meet employee-customer needs/wants/expectations for “speed to response” because they are not distracted by project related support needs.

2. Consolidation of functions allows the leveraging (sharing) of facilities, tools and, most importantly, technical and project specific resources and knowledge to resolve similar issues related to each project. This strategy allows limited technical resources to be better utilized and the cost of project support infrastructure to be reduced.

3. The consolidated SPOC model allows for a single collection point for specific project transaction information. First, this allows for a better management environment for the collect of critical survey data required to make informed delivery decisions. Second, this creates the best atmosphere for the promotion and adherence of “best practices”. Finally, this facilitates the gathering of project specific challenges to analyze and “data-mine” to promote call and problem prevention.

We proactively supply you with relevant, timely and accurate project information through our Project Support Center.