Survey & Analysis

DSI uses site surveys to inspect/evaluate the proposed site and determine the project’s engineering, installation, and implementation requirements. We use a combination of web-enabled tools and a project specific support desk to collect, consolidate, and distribute the site survey information. Our team then can perform a gap analysis. The gap analysis is sometimes spoken of as “the space between where we are and where we want to be’ and is undertaken as a means of bridging that space.
The site survey process documents the current inventory of assets, physical appearance, infrastructure readiness and more. This activity is often essential to prepare for the most effective implementation of new technology and removal of old assets with minimal disruption to operations.

Deployment Solutions can perform any of the following:

Once the survey is complete and the gap analysis (typically based on predefined business rules) is preformed, the team can assess readiness of site and presents recommendations to customer for remedy. These recommendations and subsequent final approvals can be posted to the Web. Our process ensures each site is ready to accept product and mitigates risks associated with failure and delay of installation services.

Utilizing a web-enabled platform as a central collection point and repository for collateral, DSI provides online, all the site information including survey forms, digital photos and diagrams needed to make decisions and create new configurations that keep projects moving forward without interrupting operations.