Core Values

Customers…are the driving force

The driving force behind everything we do starts with satisfying our customers’ needs. We foster long-term relationships with market-defining customers and focus on understanding their businesses thoroughly and earning their trust. We continuously strive to produce value, timeliness, and reliability.

People…are our strength

We act on the belief that our people are our strength, knowing that the knowledge, commitment and talent of different people drive our success. This will be reflected in our people practices such as recognition, development, and compensation. We maintain a business environment of dignity and respect. We respect each other enough to tell the truth, and work together to make things better. We listen to each other even when we disagree.

Quality…is in every aspect

We involve everyone in Quality. Every employee is empowered, involved and committed to continuous improvement of our business processes. We are committed to making our solutions work for our customers. We are driven to continuously improve and are never satisfied with “good enough.” We focus on quality in every aspect of our business – our processes, services and work environment. We continually pursue new and better ways to help our customers deliver.

Accountability… brings clarity

We are clear on what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and what outcome each of us has to deliver. We are all accountable to each other and our stakeholders for doing what we say we will do. We will work as a team – not blaming, but communicating – and taking action together.

Integrity… underpins everything

We compete vigorously and fairly in the marketplace. We are honest and obey all applicable laws. We are committed to living out our values. We treat others with dignity and respect. We do what we say we will do. We strive to do the right thing for individuals, organizations and society in general.