Stage & Configuration

Most organizations perform staging and configuration with a team of project engineers who assemble devices and hand configure each unit. Once configured, these engineers perform limited testing (if any) and manually produce documentation. Once the hardware reaches its final destination, installation engineers perform the final installation and correct oversights and errors.

These “normal” staging practices are: expensive, manually intensive, error prone, unrepeatable, untimely, and guaranteed to provide low levels of satisfaction.

Often overlooked, configuration is traditionally the most resource and time intensive activities associated with traditional technology deployments. Deployment Solutions (DSI) has automated configuration solutions that move this task from the field deployment phase and place it into the highly controlled and focused pre-installation phase. By doing this we create the cornerstone of our deployment philosophy – the removal of time, task and risk from technology deployments. In addition, we create an atmosphere that generates the error-free velocity capabilities required by demanding project rollouts.

The Deployment Solution Way

DSI will take care of your equipment from the moment it arrives at our staging center to the moment it arrives at its final destination. Everything is tracked by serial number and we can produce various reports of current inventory, receipts and shipment details.

Before the configuration and testing of the device takes place, we will pick from stock, unpack and assemble the unit and modules, mount and interconnect devices (if required).

Once the unit hardware is assembled our automated solution system takes over the entire process until the unit is ready to be packed for shipping. As your devices are now totally under computer control, nothing is entered by hand and the system ensures the highest possible quality. The system will check to ensure the unit has been assembled to your exact requirements. It will check to ensure the correct software and firmware is present and automatically upgrade or downgrade accordingly. The system will test all the unit components to ensure full operational functionality and the device is power cycled several times to ensure everything is consistent and 100% correct. It is only when the unit passes the very stringent configuration process and tests with “Zero Errors” is the documentation produced automatically, ensuring you have up to the minute and accurate documentation for your network.

In conjunction with the configuration solutions, DSI performs a wealth of integration services. They range form simple insertion of cards, blades, and other components to complex “rack and stack” services for roll-in-place solutions.

As part of the above overall process the system immediately identifies any OBF (Out of Box Failures) components. We work with clients to develop the appropriate DOA and OBF return and repair strategies.

DSI ensure delivery of all equipment is when and where you want it by working with you to determine your specific packing and shipping needs. Deployment Solutions is able to “Drop Ship” staged and configured networks back to a centralized facility or to specific locations around the world coordinated with the project schedule.

Our solutions have proven flexible and scaleable in meeting unique staging, integration and configuration requirements of our clients. These organizations have experienced significant improvements in the return on investment, speed, and accuracy and success ratios on projects where DSI’s tools and processes are employed.