Delivery Model

Deployment Solutions offers software-based configuration and web-enabled deployment tools. In addition, we outline the time-proven processes that surround the tools and which play an equally as important role in the successful delivery of complex IT rollouts. DSI has created our Internetworking and Computing Deployment Solutions to provide the highest levels of service to our corporate customers as well as VARs, Systems Integrators and OEM accounts. DSI has focused its delivery model to leverage its people, processes, and tools to provide unmatched levels of service and support while reducing overall delivery costs and error rates. DSI’s service offerings combine superior deployment design skills, proven process automation, unique delivery tools, enhanced implementation, and project support into a single packaged solution that far exceeds that of our competition.

DSI is positioned to address the demand for configuring, integrating, and installing workstations, servers, routers, switches and the latest multi-service devices onto networks through its software-enabled process and methodology. Through the proper utilization of our tools, many labor-intensive deployment services are being automated thereby increasing DSI’s effective yield. And DSI is prepared to deliver these services across America on time and within budget.